2015 – 2nd Annual JR Ice Racing Invitational

The 2nd Annual JR MacRae Ice Racing Invitational is behind us and it was a completely different adventure than the first year but no less exciting, fun and memory packed! The ice almost didn’t show up, Thomas Morin took an ice nap, Josh Chisum wins the Trophy, Bradley Friesen blows us away with his helicopter piloting skills and all the guys rode their hearts out….so many laughs and good times and all in the memory of a guy who is truly missed everyday. Darren James you worked your ass off for months planning this and it’s all because you have a huge heart for all your friends and an addiction to keeping JR’s spirit alive in all of us! What a huge success and you should be proud! Seriously, think about how ampted up JR would be to see this…..you know he was lining up next to you guys every race! To every single one of the guys at this event…thank you for creating memories while remembering JR! Thank you for taking the time off to be here….We love you all and you are forever Ruthless! Kenny Riedmann Jodi Christie David Sadowski Jr Matt Sadowski Michael Barnes Jim Dickenson Glen Veatch Mike Mayer Corey Warren Jeremy Deichen Grayson Ruffo, Jeff Hansey, Derek Scott, Josh Chisum, Erick Kauko, Steve Crevier Steve Lange, Andrew Walther, Andrew Falkins, Jesse Tynan Dave Estok, Wyatt Crevier and anyone else who helped get this event off !!!! Here’s to next year…#JR27 in our hearts forever.