A Weekend To Remember JR

What one group of friends did to honor a friend after loosing him in road race accident. They created the first annual JR Macrae Invitational Ice Race. A Weekend To Remember is a 60 min film about living life in the moment and to the fullest and never forget JR.

1. The Champion

JR Macrae is crowned in his first national championship win Sunday August 11, 2013 at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park outside of Bowmanville, ON.

2. The Invitation

Darren James remembers JR Macrae by inviting his fellow racers and friends to a memorial race in his honor.

3. Get Ready And Ride

Darren teaches the group how to stud up the tires and many of the guys have their first experience riding on the ice on the first day.

4. Loved By Everyone

The racing community is like a family. JR was loved by everyone he came in contact with. He was that special kid with a big heart and soul. And He is missed dearly.

5. With Racing Comes Risk

From safety issues to tragedies the riders have seen a lot of bad things. The wake that is left behind when something goes wrong is tough to accept especially when it could have been avoided had some money been spent.

6. Living In the Moment

Don & Ruth arrive by helicopter to check out what Darren had organized to remember JR. In the spirit of JR and living in the moment the group of riders are lead by the heli into an epic riding session.

7. Race Day

Banging bars and twisting the wrist for JR Macrae on an epic blue bird day on the final ride of the the weekend.

8. Leaving A Legacy

Freworks go off as Darren and the boys reflect on their past weekend. On the drive home, Darren struggles but looks to find the positive on this tragedy and what legacy JR will leave behind.

9. Credits

Check out all the people who put in time and effort to help make this possible.